DIY Papercraft Kit Duaas before and after Eating


DIY Papercraft Kit Duaas before and after Eating
DIY Papercraft Kit Duaas before and after Eating

Set of 3 DIY 3D Prayer Plaques

A Set of 3 Beautiful 3D Plaques

Includes A Hadith Plague about the Etiquettes of Eating

Use your creativity to decorate as you like, Smartark creative culture presents a unique range of educational products to help you to teach your children the Islamic way of life through fun and engaging activities.

This DIY paper craft dua kit is a perfect way to help your child’s creative talent whilst learning this Dua.

To be assembled with pre-cut paper pieces provided.

Displays the prayer, its transliteration and translation in English.
A 1-3 hour long activity, which results in beautiful plaques which can be displayed at appropriate areas of the home with pride.
What’s Inside

- 4 Pre-Cut Sheets with Press-Out Parts
- 2 Metallic Base Sheets
- 2 Large Easel Sheets
- Sticky Foam Squares
- Assembly Instructions
- Size of large Plaques 21x29.7 CM



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